Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Most Used Items at My House

Of course at my house, everything is personalized. I love what I sell and love to use it myself! That being said, some things get used more than others. The most used item is one of the least expensive. Having three kids we go to a lot of birthday parties. Each gift that comes out of our household has a personalized gift sticker or tag. It is so simple and yet makes my life so easy. I have a shelf with white tissue and plain colored (lots of pink and green) gift bags and a few different colored rolls of wrapping paper and of course lots of fun ribbon. It is a shelf in my gift closet. I have a personalized gift sticker for each child and then one sticker for all three of them. For the family gifts, I have hanging gift tags for bottles of wine and casual gifts. Simple personalized gift enclosures used for wedding and shower gifts. It has made life so easy and i always get the nicest remarks about my gift wrapping. I am actually not really gift wrapping but the personalized stickers and tags just make it look so polished...

Personalized gift stickers for kids


Here are a couple fun ideas for personalized gift stickers and personalized gift tags... you can check out hundreds more at RockPaperScissorsInvitations.com . Happy Gift Giving!!

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